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Unmatched Janitorial Services for Business and Industry Leaders

Embrace a new level of cleanliness with our dedicated janitorial services. Tailored to meet specific needs, our team employs the latest in cleaning technology and environmentally friendly chemicals, ensuring your facility shines and promotes health and safety for all.

Service areas include but are not limited to Acton, Arlington, Bedford, Chelmsford, Concord, Framingham, Hopkinton, Hudson, Lexington, Lincoln, Littleton, Lowell, Marlborough, Maynard, Newton, Northborough, Shrewsbury, Stow, Sudbury, Wayland, Wellesley, Westborough, Westford, Weston, and Worcester.


Our Commercial Janitorial Services

In today's fast-paced business environment, maintaining a clean and healthy workspace is not just a necessity—it's a reflection of your company's commitment to excellence and employee productivity. Our janitorial services are at the heart of our mission to serve industries, businesses, and facilities with consistent quality, reliability, and dedication.

Our approach leverages advanced equipment and eco-friendly practices. We offer comprehensive cleaning solutions designed to address the unique challenges of commercial spaces. From routine maintenance to specialized disinfecting services, our team is equipped to handle all levels of cleanliness, ensuring a pristine environment that enhances the well-being of your employees and customers alike.

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Why Choose Us

Unmatched Expertise

Our professionals are trained in the latest janitorial techniques, ensuring a higher level of service.

Customized Solutions

Understanding that each site has its unique demands, we tailor our services to meet your specific needs and schedule, ensuring maximum efficiency without compromising on quality.

Commitment to Safety

Safety and health are paramount. We use the safest chemicals and adhere to stringent safety protocols, protecting everyone within your facility.

Clear Communication

We believe in real-time, clear communication, ensuring that your needs are met and exceeded every step of the way.

Our Commercial Cleaning Services

Commercial Cleaning

From offices to retail spaces, companies benefit from our commercial cleaning services which are comprehensive, covering every corner and crevice.

Disinfecting Services

Utilizing state-of-the-art technology and safe chemicals, we provide thorough disinfecting services to eliminate germs and viruses, fostering a healthy environment.

Maintenance and Equipment Care

Our services extend beyond cleaning to include maintenance and care for your facility's equipment, prolonging its life and functionality.

Custom Janitorial Solutions

Tailored to fit your unique needs, our janitorial solutions are designed to provide flexibility and efficiency, from daily cleaning schedules to specialized services.

Making It Easy To Work With Us

One Customer At A Time...

Hassle Free On Boarding

Our company streamlines choosing, setting up, and starting with our cleaning service, offering budget friendly pricing and superior customer support.

No Locked In Contracts

Our services stand on their own merit, so we don't lock clients into contracts. To terminate an agreement, just a 30-day notice is needed.

Seamless Start To Service

We'll seamlessly integrate our cleaning services into your operations, ensuring minimal disruption, whether it's a busy commercial space or a large residential complex.


Client Phil W.
Phil W.
"We use Green Kleaning for our company here in Lexington and they do a tremendous service. Alex, the owner is extremely responsive and receptive to our needs and goes above and beyond the extra mile in making sure our janitorial needs are met. His team are also a lovely crew and they do a great job at making sure the office is prepped and spotless early morning before the employees start to arrive. i would highly recommend their services and their rates are very fairly priced."

We Provide Services For The Following Types Of Facilities 

Small Business Offices

Large Office Buildings

Gyms & Fitness Centers


Religious Facilities

Day Care Centers


K-12 Schools


Manufacturing Facilities

Warehouse Facilities 

Industrial Facilities

Apartment Buildings

Retail Stores


Dental Offices

Doctor's Offices

Healthcare Facilities

Recreational Facilities


And More....

Janitorial Services FAQ Section

How does your janitorial service ensure the highest level of cleanliness and safety?

Our commercial janitorial services are designed with health and safety at the forefront. Utilizing advanced cleaning technology and eco-friendly chemicals, our professional team meticulously addresses every corner of your facility. We adhere to the strictest safety protocols and use equipment that guarantees a thorough clean, ensuring a safe, hygienic environment for both customers and employees.

Can your cleaning services be tailored to meet the specific needs of my business?

Absolutely. Recognizing that every business and facility has unique challenges and requirements, we offer customized cleaning solutions. From selecting the appropriate schedule to focusing on particular areas within your site, our team is dedicated to creating a plan that aligns with your specific needs, ensuring consistent quality and efficiency.

What measures do you take to enhance employee productivity through your cleaning services?

A clean workspace is key to boosting employee productivity. Our commercial cleaning services ensure that your employees work in an environment that is not only visually appealing but also health-oriented. By reducing the spread of germs and creating an organized space, we help minimize distractions and sick days, thereby supporting your team's focus and efficiency.

How do you incorporate sustainability into your janitorial services?

Sustainability is a core component of our janitorial services. We prioritize the use of environmentally friendly chemicals and sustainable cleaning methods that minimize ecological impact. Our equipment is chosen not only for its cleaning efficacy but also for its energy efficiency, reducing environmental footprint while maintaining a high level of cleanliness and safety.

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Ready to elevate your facility with professional janitorial services from Green Kleaning Services, LLC? Contact us today to schedule a consultation. Our team is ready to assess your needs and propose a customized plan that aligns with your goals and budget.


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