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How to Find the Best Residential Home Cleaning Service for the Right Price

Published April 21, 2023 by Green Kleaning Services, LLC

Like most Americans, you probably wish your home was cleaner, and you’re wondering whether a house cleaning service is the best move to make. 

Maybe you’re even part of the 60% of homeowners who close their doors to guests to save the embarrassment of their dirty, cluttered spaces.

mop broom dustpan

But like most Americans, you probably also lack the time needed to complete a weekly or even biweekly cleaning on your property. By the time a month rolls around you may be in need of a deep cleaning.

If you're a small business owner, office cleaning may be the last thing on your mind as you are juggling your daily responsibilities dealing with customers or staff.

Whether you’re looking after your kids, working long hours, or keeping up with a busy social life, the reality is that few of us can find the necessary time to keep our homes in tip-top condition consistently. 

This article talks about how to find the best residential home cleaning service comes. 

If you’ve ever considered hiring professional house cleaners but don’t know how much it costs, or what to consider when evaluating the right cleaning company's services, we’ll talk you through how much you can expect to pay for various residential cleaning services in order to achieve a clean and healthy environment for you and your family.

Let’s dive in. 

Why is Having a Clean Home Important?

Not only does having a clean home make a good impression on visitors, but it’s actually vital for your and your family’s physical and mental health. 

One study found that clutter alone was linked to procrastination, feeling overwhelmed, and a lower quality of life, proving the value of having clean, clutter-free spaces. 

If you’ve ever found that doing something as mundane as re-arranging your wardrobe, for example, makes you feel more ‘sorted out,’ you’ll understand precisely why a clean, clutter-free home can make you feel good. 

Plus, regular cleaning of your home can remove illness-causing germs, making you less likely to fall victim to common viruses such as cold and flu, especially during the winter months.

Work from home office cleaning

Working from home has become the norm in the last couple of years. There can be many challenges such as distractions when working from home and this includes keeping your work area clean and organized. Having your house cleaning service include office cleaning as part of their service can free you up to focus on your work.

The Factors That Affect Home Cleaning Costs

There are many different factors that go into house cleaning services but understanding some of the elements involved can help you make an informed decision in choosing the best house cleaning services available. At the end of the day, you get what you pay for so focusing on the must-haves as well as like-to-haves is important during the decision-making process.

Naturally, it’s difficult to give a one-size-fits-all estimation of how much cleaning services cost because they’re affected by so many variables. Here are some factors contributing to the cost of your home’s cleaning services:

The size of the home

The bigger your property, the more you’ll tend to pay for cleaning costs. This is because there’s more surface to cover, and the cleaning job can take longer. For example, a deep cleaning of a large home can take several hours whereas an apartment cleaning can take less time.

Home cleaning services frequency

While you’ll pay slightly more monthly for a weekly clean than a bi-weekly clean, many home cleaning services offer discounts per clean based on frequency. 

If you opt for a weekly clean, for example, it might typically cost you 20-30% less per clean than it would if you chose a monthly package. 

The level of cleanliness

Two homes of equal size might differ in cleaning costs. The same can be said of a one, two, or three bedroom apartment or condo.


Because of the level of cleanliness already present. That should be determined during the walk-through with the house cleaner upon the initial meeting.

If your home needs some dusting, surface wiping, and thorough cleaning of the floor, a house cleaner can accomplish that fairly quickly in about an hour or two depending on the size of the house.

If your house requires an entire decluttering session and deep cleaning services, it may take a few hours with a bigger team, which will cost more but will leave your home ready for regular cleanings if you choose to maintain subsequent cleaning sessions. 

The type of cleaning service

Naturally, the type of house cleaning services you opt for will affect how much you can expect to pay. Weekly basic cleaning will cost less than a move-in deep cleaning, for example, because there’s less work required since you are maintaining the cleanliness level in contrast to a move-in or move-out deep clean where you are cleaning everything from top to bottom. Also, if you have added services such as carpet cleaning, this will affect the total cost.

Post Construction Cleaning

When we move into a house, we are always looking to update areas of the home that may be outdated or we may want to reconfigure different spaces by taking down walls to open up a room or build an addition to the existing structure. 

After all the work is done a post-construction cleaning is necessary to make the space livable. This can be accomplished in stages with a more general deep cleaning during the first phase of cleaning and then doing a more detailed finalized cleaning to get a lot of the dust that has collected especially in hard to reach places. A third and final cleaning may also be necessary as part of the cleaning process because dust continues to settle on all surfaces even after a detailed cleaning has taken place.

The prices for these types of cleanings are usually higher due to the work required to ensure that the space is completely free of debris and dust. As we move towards the final cleaning, the cost becomes smaller since less effort and time are required.

A tip when it comes to hiring for post-construction cleanings

Hiring a cleaning service that is accustomed to working on residential and commercial properties, is usually your best bet in these cases since they are accustomed to these heavy types of deep cleanings and can provide high-quality service.

Also, commercial cleaning services are used to cranking out a high volume of apartment cleaning for apartment buildings that they service which means that they have a lot of experience and are very efficient and thorough both with recurring cleaning or a one-time cleaning of your space.

Holiday Cleaning

The holidays are always hectic and busy. Hiring a locally owned deep house cleaning service to take this task off your to-do list will alleviate the hassle (at least some of it) of getting ready for that epic holiday gathering you’ve been planning.

Don't forget those office parties 

Also, if you are planning that holiday party at work, an office cleaning could be a good way to minimize the work required to prepare. A good deep clean to address all those areas that don't see much attention throughout the year will level set your workspace's cleanliness and allow you to maintain it even if you decide to continue with general cleaning tasks in-house.

Move in/Move out Home Cleaning

A move-in or move-out house cleaning can take various forms of cleaning from heavy to light and as such the price will vary after it is determined what is required during the walkthrough.

There are times when a house was maintained well so the cleaning ends up being pretty easy to accomplish. In these cases, you can expect that the cleaning company may charge less. But of course, there are times when the house wasn't maintained regularly and every inch of the house has to be cleaned thoroughly.

Another factor to consider is whether the house is empty or not. It is always best to get the cleaning done before the furniture arrives or in the case of a moving out, when the furniture is taken out. Cleaners can be more thorough and quicker with the service since there are no obstacles in their way.

Other services

Most house cleaning services involve essential services such as vacuuming floors, dusting surfaces, and disinfecting kitchens and bathrooms. 

But you may benefit from additional services around the home in addition to your cleaning sessions, such as window cleaning, carpet cleaning, or maid services to do tasks such as laundry washing and folding, doing the dishes and putting them away, ironing, and changing bed sheets - all the types of services offered to assist during those very busy weeks.

Adding these additional cleaning services to your package can increase the cost but can be used sparingly and as needed.

The Average Cost of Home Cleaning Services

wiping down a kitchen sink

Costs of doing business and how it benefits you

One thing to bear in mind when selecting a home cleaning company is that as a business some of their expenses are related to delivering exceptional routine cleaning with a worry-free guarantee. This means that the cost of obtaining insurance and training translates to slightly higher pricing but in the long run, allows the customer to know that they are dealing with an extremely professional home cleaning service. 

This ensures that not only will the service be consistent and good but also that if issues arise they will be handled properly and professionally.

Rough estimates for costs

A house cleaning service costs between $40-$65 per hour on average, depending on where in the country you live and the services you choose. 

The total cost for a home cleaning session will range from around $80-$110 for apartment cleaning services and $100-$230 for a large house. In the case of a one-time deep cleaning or additional services, such as carpet cleaning services, the cleaning services prices may increase but will more than likely be bundled in the price as a value add to the customer.

To DIY or not

Naturally, DIY cleaning is a cheaper option, but it isn’t necessarily the most cost-effective when you factor in certain things.

For starters, you’ll have to source your own cleaning products which might be a hassle especially if they are green cleaning products. Costs may not seem so great until you realize that you have to keep certain things on hand at all times.

This goes for whatever special equipment you might need as well. Every house for the most part invests in a vacuum and a mop or broom, but other cleaning tools that will make the job easier for you may not be useful to buy for whenever you get around to tackling the cleaning in your house.

Clear the way for things you actually want to do

It takes the experience, expertise, and effort of a professional cleaner to clean your home with efficiency and consistency. Although practice makes perfect in cleaning your home there is also the consideration of giving up your free time.

Many times you set out to get a to-do list done on the weekend and once you get to the first few things on your list, which are usually the things you absolutely have to do, like cleaning or mowing the lawn, you are left with little energy or willingness to tackle the things you actually would like to do towards the bottom of your list.

Happens all the time, even to the best of us.

Time is money! 

If you spend your precious time on activities that are better left to cleaning professionals, DYI cleaning is actually costing you money. Good cleaners are accustomed to effortlessly working their way through a house as if it was their own and getting into every nook and cranny leaving nothing untouched.

There are more important things on your daily to-do list and this one can be checked off easily with the right cleaning company and the right cleaning plan.

Find The Best Home Cleaning Company for the Right Price

Set a budget

Establish a budget based on the average cost of cleaning services and stick to it when searching for cleaning companies. Factor in your other costs and make sure paying for cleaning services wouldn’t impede your ability to afford other necessities. 

Research potential companies

Now comes the fun part - look online for the best cleaning services companies in Sudbury, MA., and see about the services offered and if they are within your price range. 

Search using Google and social media or ask friends and family for recommendations. Shortlist your search to a few companies that meet your criteria before comparing prices, services offered, and availability. 

Also, in the rare occasion where they might fall short do they offer free cleanings or a re-clean to make up for it?

Ask for references, reviews, and cleaning services prices

Once you’ve found a company you like the look of, establish its legitimacy by asking for references and reviews. If their feedback is positive, request a personalized quote based on your required services. 

The best cleaning companies are willing to create customized packages, so discuss tailoring their cleaning services to your needs (and pricing them accordingly). 

Evaluate the value for money

While affordability is key, cheaper isn’t always better. As well as searching for house cleaning services that don’t break the bank, look for professionals that offer high quality alongside affordability. 

There are reasons why some house cleaning companies are cheap. It's because the services offered are usually not comprehensive and are a solution for folks that may need maid services for some special situation. And that is fine too since there is a market for every customer. These companies are good options for someone in a pinch requiring a very inexpensive same-day cleaning, for example.

The best cleaning services are organized

Residential cleaning companies usually have a sizeable schedule of clients that they service. The person doing the scheduling has to be organized, provide adequate oversight, and know that if you have a preference for a day and time, she is able to make sure that this is a constant. (life happens from time to time and adjustments may need to be made but as long as there is strong communication this is usually not an issue)

This will give you a sense of whether the cleaning service is competent as well. If you are dealing with a maid service that changes your day, your time, or your person all the time chances are your experience will not be a pleasant one. There are so many moving parts when scheduling cleaning that can be just as important as the house cleaner that is tasked with your service being proficient.

Consistent cleaners at your doorstep

This also brings up another point: Whenever possible the same cleaner should own a client's home. Constant change doesn't allow for the house cleaning person to learn the house or apartment. This avoids confusion, and frustration, and creates consistent customer satisfaction for the house cleaned. Obviously, this doesn't apply to one-time cleanings but if it turns out that the customer wants to continue with regular cleanings it helps to assign cleaners that already know the house.

Look for hints of turmoil or high turnover at a company

Maybe you are getting reasonably good service that you are paying for but in the background, there could be chaos within that company that could eventually arrive at your doorstep in the form of disgruntled workers or a no-show, especially when you needed your house cleaned for that special occasion.

The cleaning industry is dynamic and always moving fast, with frequent changes occurring regularly. A cleaning company able to successfully navigate this terrain can usually provide the best cleaning service. A company going through a lot of turnover all the time doesn't do a good job at treating its cleaners well and in this industry, it's important to do so as the work can be labor-intensive and thankless at times.

As mentioned above, ask for references. Previous customers and current ones will gladly tell you if the maid service does a fantastic job or not and how organized and professional they are and if they stick to the cleaning plan. Added extras such as flexible scheduling, speedy customer service, and environmentally friendly green cleaning options go a long way. But, evaluating some of these things when choosing a cleaning service will create fewer problems down the road.

Tips for Lowering the Cost of A Home Cleaning Service

  • Opt for a less frequent cleaning schedule. Instead of having your home cleaned weekly, try a bi-weekly or monthly session. Even a one-time cleaning every two or three months is better than nothing in keeping your house chores manageable.

  • Or, a seasonal cleaning, such as in the spring or in preparation for the holidays especially when your home is large and you are struggling to figure out where to start.

  • Choose a basic house cleaning package. Skip the added extras, such as laundry, dishes, or external window cleaning; the basics count and the extras can be added occasionally to take off the load from time to time.

  • Negotiate with the house cleaning company. Many professional cleaning services offer customizable packages tailored to your individual needs. If you’re passionate about working with a cleaning service, but it’s slightly out of your price range, see if you can negotiate a deal. More often than not, house cleaning companies will work with you.

And Finally...

House Cleaning Services that Don’t Cost the Earth

While it’s tempting to always choose the lowest home cleaning service prices, quality should be a key consideration, too. Keep in mind that the best house cleaning services offer affordability alongside other attractive features such as flexible scheduling and options for green cleaning products. Friendly and accommodating house cleaners are always a plus as well.

In the market for the best residential cleaning services in Sudbury that blend value for money with exceptional service? Green Kleaning Services is here for all your residential cleaning services and small office cleaning needs, with a range of customizable packages you can tailor to your unique requirements. 

Get in touch today for a free quote or to book your first appointment that comes with a satisfaction guarantee!


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