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Cleaning Carpets in Winter for a Fresher Home

Published November 3, 2023 by Green Kleaning Services, LLC

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Winter is synonymous with warm blankets, crackling fireplaces, and staying cozy indoors. It's also the ideal time for a task often overlooked: cleaning carpets in winter. Believe it or not, winter may be the best time to get your carpets cleaned. Here's why...

Is Carpet Cleaning in Winter Even Possible?

Absolutely! There's a common misconception that carpets should only undergo spring cleaning. However, keeping your carpets clean is a year-round job. A deep clean of your carpets in the winter can also provide a fresh start to the new year.

Here are 5 Reasons to Get Your Carpets Deep Cleaned in Winter

1. Winter Hibernation is More Enjoyable with Clean Carpet and Area Rug!

With more foot traffic and dirt tracked indoors during winter, carpets become one of the biggest investments in a house that need regular cleaning. A simple Google search will tell you how the cleaning industry recommends different clean up methods, like deep cleaning, to keep your carpets clean.

Deep cleaning removes dirt deeply embedded in carpet fibers, which a vacuum can't handle alone. Deep cleaning carpet in winter is perfect since you're indoors more and can pay closer attention to those stains and spills that can ruin your carpets.

2. The Cold Weather Helps Carpets Dry Faster

This is one of the reasons that usually hold people back from bothering with getting their carpets cleaned during the colder months.

While it seems counterintuitive, carpets actually dry faster in winter. The heat inside the house during the cold winter months helps evaporate water quickly, resulting in carpets that are completely dry.

3. Carpets Can Harbor Dust Mites and Allergens

Lately, there have been reports on the news about a rise in dust mites. Just because it's winter doesn't mean your carpet is free from dust mites and allergens.

Regular vacuuming twice a week and deep cleaning will ensure that all the gross stuff hidden in the fibers is thoroughly eliminated.

4. Winter Weather Can Ruin Your Carpets

The winter months bring more dirt, mud, and moisture into your house, which can damage your carpets. Regular cleaning and quick response to stains can keep your carpets free of damage and looking fresh.

5. Your Pets Shed Less Fur in Cooler Months

Interestingly, pets shed less fur in cooler months, but it's still important to clean your carpets regularly to remove pet hair and dander that collects.

Rent Carpet Cleaning Machines or Call the Professionals

You can rent a carpet cleaning machine for a thorough job, or better yet, call in the professionals.

Carpet cleaning machines can leave a lot of residue attracting more dirt. Also, there are a lot of cleaning detergents on the market for home use that aren't the best for good results.

Professionals have the ability to deep clean using good quality products. With the use of powerful commercial equipment they can ensure your carpets are completely dry to prevent any mildew or mold from forming.

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How to Keep Your Carpet Fibers Clean in the Winter Months

If you do decide to forego a professional cleaning of your carpets and rugs during the cold season, here are some tips to get you through the winter:

Use Outdoor and Indoor Mats

Protect your carpets by laying area rugs or runners in high traffic areas. This reduces wear and tear on your carpet and is easier to clean.

The use of outdoor and indoor doormats can prevent a substantial amount of dirt and mud from making its way onto your carpets. Place them strategically in high traffic areas to reduce the dirt your vacuum needs to handle.

Remove Shoes and Wipe Pets Paws

Establish a house rule to remove shoes before walking on the carpet. For your pets, wipe their paws when they come in from the outside. You could even invest in house shoes or slippers to reduce the amount of dirt tracked onto your carpet.

Vacuum Regularly To Keep the Carpet Clean

Make a point to vacuum your carpets on a regular basis. Regular vacuuming removes dirt before it can sink deep into the carpet fibers.

Take Care of Spills and Stains Immediately

Accidents happen, but how you react to spills will determine how clean your carpets remain. Immediate action is needed to prevent a stain from setting in and becoming more difficult to remove.

Concluding on Winter Carpet Cleaning

Cleaning carpets in the winter months might seem unusual, but with the help of these tips and the use of a professional cleaning service like Green Kleaning Services, LLC you can keep your carpet clean and fresh all year long.


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